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1 year

A person’s life can change so much in a year that one might hardly even recognize thier own surroundings.  I amView full post »

In the distance

This is one of my favorite photos of my daughter. It was actually a “mistake,” I was following her and IView full post »

Film vs. VSCO

What a long story it is that produced this on going test. This is just the first in a series, untill I get board of it IView full post »


An amazing thing happened this year at WPPI, I was lucky enought to help out at the first ever [F] Awards. I have hadView full post »


Shooting my own children remains one of my hardest tasks as a photographer, especially when they are all together. ItsView full post »

Save the Date

I had the opportunity to photograph an engaged couple with thier family as part of thier wedding “story.”View full post »


View full post »View full post »

How it all started

Hi! My name is Christina, and my life as a photographer started when I was a baby!View full post »