An amazing thing happened this year at WPPI, I was lucky enought to help out at the first ever [F] Awards. I have had the chance to meet some of the most awesome people I will probably ever know. Two of them are Ryan Muirhead and Tanja Lippert, who just happen to be some of the most talented photographers ever. When we met, I honestly had never heard of either one of them, (or 99% of the other photo photographers I met there). I see it as a blessing, because people come before photography. Anyways, to back track a bit, I also met the guys at The Indie Film Lab at WPPI, who got me started on a mission to compare actual film to my film presets (The results to be announced in a later blog). It turns out that you don’t want to just pick up a film camera and start shooting, because theres no playback until 2 weeks later! So I started watching the film show on the Framed Network. I got to the second show where Tanja and Ryan were teaching about different types of light and how to expose film properly, and that was when I knew that these guys were my kind of people. Pure passion for the art of photography in a loving and honest way. I knew right then, that they were teachers I wanted to learn from. Just a few weeks later, my friend Loreta calls me and says the film show guys are doing a workshop in LA. Yay! for me! and Loreta! Niether of us even had a second thought. We were there. I would go into what we learned, but I think anyone who wants to know should do it person. I would fully recommend to any photographer no matter what medium you use, to take one of thier workshops! This is how I feel after spending some time with them. Film has a special place in my heart, and  film will keep me honest. I feel like metering is really not that hard, why make it harder. LOL. I feel like being in the moment when I shoot, and I am also no longer afraid of noon day light. And most of all, I feel thankful to Ryan and Tanja for keeping it real.


These shots were of my daughter down the street at a vacant house. The morning after the workshop, at noon:)practicing the types of light and metering. I think they turned out pretty well, these are only the digital images. The film I shot at the same time will show up later…



  • LoretaMay 28, 2013 - 5:28 am

    Beautiful work! I feel blessed to be on this journey with you!ReplyCancel

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