4 little love bugs

I had the chance to photograph this gorgeous family a little over a year ago, while the youngest was still waiting to be born. Having 3 children myself, I am very comfortable shooting groups of children up to that number. Like anything that requires a certain amount of skill, photographing larger numbers of children needs to be practiced. I am quite often amazed at how I am presented with new challenges, just as I am ready to master them. Just how the saying goes “you get what you need, not what you want.”

The morning of this shoot, I had all the confidence in the world as I went to my first shoot, it only involved one 2 year old, and his parents.  How hard can that be? Now everyone has good days and bad days, but I can honestly say that I have never failed miserably with photography (when it mattered) until this shoot. I had my very first shoot that went horribly and needed to be “re-shot”. The funny part is that it only involved 1 tiny toddler, who had an agenda of his own, and taking photos was not on it:). I was thinking the entire time, “things are going to take a turn, and we’ll get the shots.” In the end, a tiny toddler had “won” the battle. I only had  10-15 photos that were at most good shots, and nothing fantastic at all. I am postive that it is only a one step back, two steps forward situation, but it still stings a little.

Well, my afternoon went much different. And I’m so glad that it did! Capturing these moments is what I live for, it soothes my soul. It is what I need to be doing. And for me, photography is not just one of the things I love to do, its part of who I am. I think in terms of images all the time, litterally as I walk through life. One of the things I love most about photography is that it is always evolving, you can never shoot the thing twice, at least not when people are involved. Every day is a new chance to learn and grow. Every shoot is a chance for me to learn from my mistakes, and see things from a new perspective. It is so wonderful how these tiny little bundles of love, can teach a grown adult so much in just a few minutes time. On this day, I learned to be humble. And then, I got right back up and tried again. And for me, that is good enough, as long as I’m trying my best.



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