1 year

A person’s life can change so much in a year that one might hardly even recognize thier own surroundings.  I am in the group that views change as good, I welcome it.  Even if it is originated by something negative. One can “choose” to let change guide them, with an honest and loving heart…I believe that God will put the doors in front of us if we choose to listen. Bing came into my life when alot of change was happening. And I am truly blessed that she did, as I have learned alot from her, and so have my little girls. She was moving here from across the world to go to school, only 24 years old, but much braver than myself at that age. Bing met Ted only a few months later and they’ve been together ever since. Like two peas in a pod, they belong together. I am so happy for them:) Watching people meet, get married, have children. It makes me feel a bit old, but it is also very interesting to me, I find everything about it so beautiful.  I feel like the people around me are like evolving works of art. Somehow, photographing people helps me to understand things about myself and my relations to amazing world. It is my way of saying Thank You, for all that is Good.

engagement session at the walt disney concert hall




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